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The Crowdfunding industry has grown and will continue to grow exponentially. Crowdfunding experts are the industry backbone of the communities they serve, providing the knowledge and expertise that is crucial to successful crowdfunding campaign development, campaign launch, and post-funding activities.

That’s why CrowdFunding Planning has created Crowdfunding Mentors, a specialized member community specifically designed for Crowdfunding experts, who are dedicated to giving entrepreneurs and innovators the knowledge and "know-how" to succeed.

Crowdfunding Mentors is the home for experts in the broader Crowdfunding community - a member-based society that focuses on its members, the growth of the Crowdfunding Industry, individual professional growth, and service towards the goal of economic growth through innovation.

Why Become a Member?

There are great advantages in being a part of CrowdFunding Mentors, including:

  • Educational opportunities
  • Credibility with being involved with a professional community
  • Networking and idea sharing with others in the industry and specifically with those in the same area of expertise
  • Advantageous marketing opportunities and back-links exclusive to members
  • Addition to the CrowdFunding Directory
  • Invite to special events and offers
  • The opportunity to be part of the lead sharing platform
  • Receive monthly e-newsletter containing the latest information about Crowdfunding Mentors and industry-related news.

We provide members with the opportunity to shape the industry, learn the details of the marketplace from peers, stay informed, stay ahead, and the advantage of working as a global team.

Become a Member

Becoming a mentor offers, even more, benefits. CrowdFunding Mentors, in partnership with CrowdFundingPlanning.com, offers mentors the opportunity to create a personalized and fully customizable page within the CrowdFunding Directory. The CrowdFunding Directory is seen monthly by thousands of innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses alike. This will provide you with valuable online advertising space for yourself, your expertise and your services.

CrowdFunding Mentors will be able to learn the tested and successful 7 Part CrowdFunding Framework. Mentors will also be able to utilize a proprietary CrowdFunding WorkBook, which allows mentors to take their clients on a step-by-step guide towards crowdfunding success. Further, mentors will have access to the CrowdFunding Business Model. The CrowdFunding Business Model helps mentors work with their clients to figure out the root “challenges”, “how” and “why’s” of their campaign. The chances of a success crowdfunding campaign are greatly increased by all the things done before the campaign is launched. Mentors no longer have to pitch individual crowdfunding services, in hopes that it will work. Being a mentor will allow you to offer clients a solid crowdfunding road map to success.

Last but not least, being a CrowdFunding Mentor will give you the opportunity to be part of the exclusive lead sharing platform. Crowdfunding and all the tasks that need to be done to create a solid campaign cannot be done by one person. Crowdfunding takes teamwork. Consultants, content writers, videographers, social media specialists, developers, marketing guru's, advertising experts, public relations, attorneys and the crowd are needed. Being a Mentor, within various categories of expertise can be called upon by other mentors to assist in their campaigns.

You will no longer have to wonder how to reach and engage the crowd for your clients. You will no longer be left with a situation of “not knowing” who to turn to. You will no longer feel alone, wondering how to reach clients.

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How and where to start my CrowdFunding?

In 2014 the economic value of CrowdFunding will create more than 270,000 jobs. It's estimated, that at its present growth rate, CrowdFunding will create more than 2 million new jobs by 2020.

In 2014 the industry experts report the CrowdFunding industry is estimated to add at least $65 billion into the global economy, and with its current growth rate, at least $3.2 trillion by 2020.

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David is a serial entrepreneur who has founded 6+ businesses, including Lan-Lab, Open System Group, Innova Global Technology, Hitec-med, innova | accelerator, CrowdFundingPlanning , CrowdFundingMentors, AsOneSource.

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