Are you a CrowdFunding Expert?

Have you had a successful CrowdFunding campaign in past and would you like to pre-harvest and raise additional funds from your experiences, services or products?  Now you can! To learn how to register with us
Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have assisted many entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMBs like you to achieve their goal and much-needed funding for their dreams, ideas, and projects.

But what happens to your project once your campaigns are funded, completed and delivered? Chances are you start a new CrowdFunding campaign ? or go about managing the process.  

Without all the  Crowd building  and attention  that comes with launching a CrowdFunding campaign, the issues ( you )
 and the products or services that have received funding can easily fall down flat. 
Now,  is putting the spotlight back on you ( entrepreneur, startup or SMB ). 
We will assist you to advertise and raise additional fund from your:
  1. Successful Crowdfunding Experience(s) 
    • Consulting and mentor services  
  2. Last CrowdFunding campaign product and service
    • Place your  successful funded product or  service in Our Marketplace ( or )  where consumers can browse and find  projects and  were the product of a successful crowdfunding campaign can find new buyers,
  3. New product and service (branding and Crowd Building) 
Join us, our process is easy and simple. After you register with us, Our existing mentors will evaluate your
 background and experiences. After approval, we enlist you and place your bio in Crowdfunding mentor
 and consultant Expert sourced listing and directory.