How and where to start my CrowdFunding?

You have an idea, or already have started your journey and have a prototype, MVP or even you may be in production or business, but you need to raise funds to complete your project.

The facts are;
  • You know more about your dream, idea, concept, product, and service.
  • You need to raise funds from the crowd; then you need to showcase your project and tell the world about it.
    • If you have issues with sharing your idea and project, then we recommend you to watch this video and get your provisional patent 1st.  - Share your idea.
  • You need a multitalented team to assist you to launch your campaign successfully.

Crowdfunding is a concept and production accelerator; you need to push to create your MVP or prototype and build your Crowd backers and investors at the same time.

You need to present your prototype or concept virtually and fake it til you make it. (watch from min 10:00)    

We would like to emphasize the "at the same time." 

The best mousetrap in the world still needs the crowd (customers or financiers) to be a success. One can not complete the development and spend all resources (time, people and funds) and then start its promotion and crowd building.

If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product or offering you've launched too late.

Our recommendations on where to start your CrowdFunding campaign and journey; 
  • Contact us and ask for a copy of our NDA or yours to get mutually approved.
  • Draft your project business model (a one-page document). This help us to understand your concept and answer your questions. To do so;
  • Complete this one-page form. Click here
  • Share your "project business model" with us. You need these to present your idea and ask for funding from investors. 
  • We will research and get back to you with our time, team and plan to start and help you to build your CrowdFunding Campaign.
    • We use Google and collaborative cloud-based task management tools, thus at all time you are aware and in charge of your project.
    • We collaboratively work with you and your team