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Crowdfunding is estimated to raise 93  billion dollars in 2025. With such an influx of hands-on cash available to entrepreneurs, opportunities are available to provide products and services that will assist SMB's meet their objectives and business goals.  
CrowdFundingMentors  objectives is to provide mentoring , coaching and consulting services to :

Not funded project:
  • SMBs,
  • Start-ups
  • Entrepreneurs
Funded project:
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Consulting
  • Legal
  • Human resource,
  • Financial management
Build Networks with:
  • CrowdFunding service providers
  • CrowdFunding intermediaries
  • CrowdFunding associations
  • Federal and State Government
  • Small Business Administration support components
  • Local and City Government
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Universities and Academic Institutions
  • Venture Capital companies

Expertise required :
  • CrowdFunding professorial Service providers
  • Administration and Capitol Hill experts
  • CrowdFunding lobbyists
  • Entrepreneurs and leaders in CrowdFunding
  • Securities Attorneys 
  • Patent and intercultural property experts and attorneys
  • Public Relations and Social Media experts
  • Accounting firms with practice focus on CrowdFunding
  • Media , Errors & Emissions and Liability insurance
  • CrowdFunding business experts and consultants
  • Web platform experts
  • Banks and Venture funds
  • Angle Investors
  • Academics Leaders from Business & Economics Programs
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital Investors