Mentoring and coaching

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Entrepreneur, SMB and Start-ups

Why Crowdfunding mentoring and coaching?  

If you are an entrepreneur, SMB and Start-up and you know and feel you need more knowledge, support and guidance to continue your journey then a CFN coach can help you. Just like professional actors, athletes, business leaders 

and other skilled people hire coaches and mentors to support them you can as well.

What is  Crowdfunding  mentoring and coaching? 

mentoring and coaching is partnership were together  we work  and collaborate closely to set out your objectives,
 vision  and work to reach your goals. CFN coaches and mentors  walk you throug CFN ( Crowdfundingnavigator ) 
 step by step and  will ask powerful  questions, collaborate with you and communicate a candid observations and
support your product  or  service development to each maturity. CFN coaches and mentors will also let you know 
what we perceive  and help you to get proof of concept early in the process. 

What do you get ? 

Having an expert  coach and mentor you can create an opportunity to truly transform your life 
and business. Our philosophy is the smarter and harder you work, the luckier you get .

From Idea to realty and from reality to revenue 

CFM is where entrepreneurs, SMBs and Start-ups  with great intransic ideas get help from the  expert all over
the world who love to see and support great ideas. CFM is expert sourcing engine and CFN (Crwodfundingnavigator)
the road map which is designed to help turn great ideas into reality and from riality to revnue. 

CrowdFundingmentors helps entrepreneurs, SMBs and Start-ups who want to have a successful  CrowdFunding 
Campaign get prepared so they can get the fund  they need for their projects!