Arie Shen

CrowdFunding and Business Consultant

Business Consultant, CrowdFunding Consultant, Strategic Business Advisor

Arie has created a diverse and successful career growing companies and leveraging business opportunities. Arie’s international background, experience and training have successfully guided a broad range of companies, including B2B, B2C and non-profit organizations. He is passionate about management in all its aspects: social, psychological, process, leadership (both inward and outward facing), employees and org. functional hierarchy.

Arie has developed a rich career in managing company ecosystems with suppliers, VARS, customers, advocates and regulators. His business development skills and sales acumen allow him to identify emerging opportunities and negotiate unique positions for success in multiple markets, including hi-tech, biotech, green-tech and consumer products. His technical skills, operational management and creative thinking address employer needs in operations, supply chain issues, marketing and sales.

During more than a decade as an executive manager for publicly traded companies, Arie has managed technical professional services and ran P&L operations with sales responsibility. He has operated in many Fortune 1000 sectors, local and federal governments and businesses in the insurance, manufacturing, aerospace, financial, healthcare, sales and marketing, distribution and retail arenas. Arie’s projects and sales experience has spanned the Americas, Europe and EMEA.

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