Ariel Koropitzer

Technology & Product Development

Product Development - Hardware, Software, Mechanical, Idea Validation, Manufacturing & Manufacturing Sourcing

Innovator, entrepreneur, project/program manager, product manager, system architect. Over 25 years of electronic products R&D, being involved in all aspects and phases of producing electronic products, from concept to the final product. Wide range of product technologies from industrial LED lighting to military fighter jet flight computers, communication and fiber-optic interface to complete Automatic Test Equipment, commercial to harsh environment electronics. 

ATE systems and products used in the Aviation industry, avionics, launch vehicles and satellites. Product management, project & program management, technology management, systems, software & hardware development, aerospace. Led teams, projects, and generated new business in: software development, hardware development, system engineering and design, requirements development, proposal development, business process re-engineering. Founded three companies, two involved in electronic product design and development and one in internet, catering to the entire electronic products industry.

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