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Brenda Wunsch has a proven executive management track record and over 30 years of experience in advertising and marketing. Most recently, Brenda was President of Sandpiper Marketing/OnQmedia. During her tenure at Sandpiper/OnQ Media, she was instrumental in implementing financial strategies and maximizing all the available resources including branding for several start-up companies. Prior to OnQ Media, Brenda held the position of CEO of Ventura Marketing for 20 years, servicing local, national and international clients. As CEO, she developed new product offerings and revenues in alignment with the company’s commercialization, technology and sales activities. She developed strong comprehensive marketing programs and branding services for Fortune 500 companies. Some recognizable names include: Four Seasons Hotels, Hewlett Packard, Gamakatsu, Mailboxes Etc., MGM Studios, The Wall Street Journal, and Service Corporation International (SCI), Pet Central, Air Tech. Brenda began her entrepreneurial career marketing commercials for the local television and radio stations in Washington State, while attending Evergreen State College and earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications.

People who recommend working with Brenda:

"Brenda is a talented, creative and highly skilled marketer. I have learned from Brenda, and always enjoyed our professional encounters. She is also a quality person, in my experience with her, working from a place of integrity, inspiration and knowledge."

-Janice Roberts, Work with her on several projects including: Hewlett Packard

"Actually I've worked with Brenda more than once and as my capacity as CEO of two of my companies. What can I say--she's brilliant, she knows her stuff and can get the job done. I give her my highest recommendations."

-Laura Betterly, CEO, Yada Yada Marketing, Inc,
"Brenda is an outstanding business woman and great to work with."
-Richard H. Trask, Owner, Dealquickly

"Brenda is one of the smartest and most creative people I know. She is not only a delight to work with but generates so many new ideas and sees connections in business few perceive. You're in for a treat if you hire her."

- Madelon Maupin, Milestone

"I have known and worked with Brenda for over 20 years. She is creative, innovative, and trustworthy - we have worked together on many projects over the years and it always a pleasure to work with her and to recommend her to others!
I worked with Brenda Wunsch for 5 years when she was the Owner/President of Ventura Marketing in Long Beach, Ca. I was the VP Advertising & Marketing. Brenda consistently brought in New Client Business and directed every phase of each Marketing Project. We were a Full-Service Agency and handled all aspects of Traditional Media. (Print;TV;Radio;Billboards and News Paper Campaigns. Though there were 16 of us to implement our skill-sets, Brenda managed to allow everyone to thrive and shine and not to appear as a Micro-Manager but came along side of everyone to see that things were happening in a timely way and encourage the staff. She was great to work for and provided an atmosphere for growth and development as well as a good team spirit. She had a large Client base that stayed with her for years. You can feel safe with her at the Helm...
Sincerely, Janet Spencer Media Consultant"

- Janet Spencer, Acquisition Specialist/Radio Airtime,, reported to Brenda at Ventura Marketing

"Brenda is an outside the box marketer. She comes up with incredible concepts and services for new companies. She has been involved in every aspect of marketing and is especially good with start-up companies."
-Steve Grace, President, Real-estate Exchange and Discover Charity
I recently had the privilege of working with Brenda Wunsch, owner of Sandpiper Marketing LLC. I hired her to create and deliver a Marketing Plan for my business. This plan was vital to the next phases in my company’s life cycle so I needed it to be grounded, with information that was truly relevant to my business. Brenda delivered on this and more. I already knew of her reputation with marketing and sales but having this plan laid out for me in a private, customized session was spectacular. Brenda brilliantly weaves cutting edge strategies and tactics from “today’s” market into a foundation of rock solid best practices. Her scope of experience working with all types of organizations--from enterprise level to small business—adds breadth and depth to the work. Then, she tailors all of it to any business she works with. Not stopping there, she makes exquisite connections that are not just generic. The ones she’s making for me are spot on for making my business grow. If you are in need of marketing, sales and/or business development services, Brenda is THE person to hire. She is genuine, powerful, dynamic and creative and you will get way more than you can imagine.

Jenny Capella Trusted Advisor to Key Influencers

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