Bryan Gianesin

CrowdFunding Lawyer

Attorney‚ securities lawyer‚ CrowdFunding‚ Orange County‚ California‚ S-18 Registration‚ IPO

Bryan Gianesin is a seasoned business transaction and securities lawyer. He has advised more than 400 startups, entrepreneurs, and business clients over the last 26 years. He has lived in and worked in Orange County, California for over 30 years.

Bryan has a passion for entrepreneurs and business owners and has advised numerous local and national companies regarding business structure, business operations, private placements and public offerings. He submitted his first public offering S-18 Registration Statement in 1987.

Business owners and entrepreneurs seek Bryan’s advice and insight regarding forming the proper entity, creating clear and concise contractual relationships among owners, employees, and third party vendors and customers. Bryan acts as the “go to” legal; consultant for numerous established businesses. business in their day-to-day business operations. He also advises clients respecting private financing through self-underwritings and angel and venture investors. Bryan has an in-depth knowledge of how to best structure private financing to maximize its benefit for all parties.

Under the current unfavorable economic conditions for traditional financing and with a very small percentage of good business ideas and plans being funded by venture groups, Bryan is a staunch advocate of creating greater access to capital through Crowd Funding.  Bryan has lectured on Crowd Funding to local business owners, non-profits, and chambers of commerce, and has promoted the need for education and mentoring about Crowd Funding to government agencies and to state and Congressional legislative representatives.

He is  a founding board member of the Kenya Self-Help Project, a student scholarship and community development program based in Kendu Bay, Kenya and participates locally on several charitable committees and advisory boards.

Bryan lectures on various business topics for knowledge and education credit to  CPA's, attorneys, and charitable organizations. His current programs include the newly passed " Profit/Non-Profit Hybrids: Flexible Benefit and Benefit Corporations in California"  and "The Affect of the JOBS Act on Private Investment- So What is 'Crowd Funding'?," among other topics. Bryan also recently published the “Crowd Funding Handbook for Business Owners”.

Bryan is an active member and Ambassador for the Irvine Chamber of Commerce, where he serves on the Economic Vitality Committee and various other groups and is a member and  Ambassador for the Newport Beach Chamber  of Commerce. 

Specific expertise , offering , services and product which can assist SMBs, Entrepreneurs and startups:

  1. Startup legal, structure and planning
  2. Business capital acquisition through private placement and Crowd Funding
  3. Due diligence, risk factors and disclosure to obtain capital
  4. Legal protection of proprietary information
  5. Agreements among business owners, employee and executive contracts, agreement with third parties
  6. Business operations and “in-house” counsel services
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