David Khorram Shahi

Growth Hacking Marketing and PR

Startup Accelerator, CrowdBuilding‚ Startup Consultant‚ CowdFunding Websites‚ Crowdfunding Platform Creator

David is a serial entrepreneur who has founded 6+ businesses, including Lan-Lab, Open System Group, Innova Global Technology, Hitec-med, innova | accelerator, CrowdFundingPlanning , CrowdFundingMentors, AsOneSource.

He has acquired a Masters Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of New York. Has 35 years of experience in Corporate and Small Business. His passions are Startup acceleration and CrowdFunding, helping to raise capital for others ideas, and business. He has a good friend called Google (The Innovation Engine and fabric of success) helping him

During last 35 years, He has Co-Founded a series of companies which he has successfully and profitably managed. These organizations have completed projects that collectively generated above 700 million dollars in profit. He is also the founder and business development manager of Crowd Innovators focusing on building the largest global CrowdSourcing think-tank, to address and solve human social and business challenges on a global scale using CrowdSourcing Science. Management innovations through power of Crowd Innovations. He is the architect and developer of CrowdSourcing and CrowdFunding platform and engines 
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