Diane Champagne

Business Consultant‚ CrowdFunding Consultant

Business Consultant, Sales, Marketing, Strategic Alliances, Startup Consultant, Crowdfunding, Innovation

It could be said that “Profitable Sales” is Diane Champagne’s mantra. She has a proven track record as an entrepreneur and business consultant for over 25 years. After co-founding companies in both Canada and the U.S. for the distribution of electronic components worldwide in the late-80s, Diane now consults for the past 15 years with private clients. She continues to recognize the tremendous value of forming strong strategic alliances to accelerate business growth. Her international business experience in opening new markets for clients led her to be retained as a trusted consultant of the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) to assist their clients (SMEs) with business expansion, distribution, and procurement in markets such as the USA, People's Republic of China, and Mexico. She is a firm believer and enthusiastic advocate of the immense possibilities represented by crowdfunding for Startups and SMEs to raise the required capital to launch their innovative companies.

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