Dr. Christy Demetriades

CrowdFunding Psychoanalyst

Psychoanalyst‚ CrowdFunding Psychoanalyst

Dr. Christy brings a unique perspective to the team as her background in psychology and human behavior will assist your business in understanding crowd dynamics, how to establish credibility, build trust and target the appropriate individuals for your campaign.

The consultative relationship is project oriented and situation specific. Dr. Demetriades will work with an organization regarding its particular need to help them achieve the desired outcome.

Dr. Christy Demetriades has a Ph.D. and M.S. in Clinical Psychology and a B.S. in Exercise Sports Science. She is therapist, speaker, writer, leadership coach, and organizational consultant. She thrives on helping people achieve their goals. Dr. Christy's professional background encompasses extensive experience across the behavioral and mental health spectrum including: schools, psychiatric hospitals and residential treatment facilities where she conducted individual, couple, group, family, and multi-family group therapy.

Additionally, Dr. Christy is well versed in teaching the following didactic courses: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Self-Esteem; Vocational Group; Anxiety and Depression and has facilitated in Equine Therapy; Rock-climbing; Psychodrama and Recreation. Dr. Christy was responsible for administering the entire aftercare program for a well known residential in-patient treatment center, which ensured the continued compliance and sobriety of court referred patients.

Dr. Christy is highly sought after for her work with women's issues encompassing emotional abuse, eating disorders, attachment issues, trauma, sexual abuse, anxiety and depression, marital and pre-marital therapy, divorce recovery, grief, personal and spiritual growth.

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