Jim Anderson

Business Consultant‚ CrowdFunding Consultant

Business Consultant‚ CrowdFunding Consultant

Jim had a number of very successful and rewarding years in management. His career really began when he graduated from business school where he was the founder and leader of the entrepreneur club and caused a major donor to fund a new entrepreneurship program. Since then he has worked for companies ranging from an Information Technology startup to a Real Estate business.

He really enjoys what he does and is very good at it. He currently serves as the President of JWA Capital Holdings LLC an investment holding company, and volunteers as a minister at New Life Christian Fellowship helping people with their personal finances and leading worship.

Before that he did some management consulting with E-Myth Worldwide after working as the CEO of Anderson Network, Inc. As an example of some of the things he can bring to your organization:

  • He established Anderson Network as a leader positioned as one of the top two competitors in it’s market niche nationwide, with a 30% market share, by determining the best competitive strategy.
  • He provided an exception free IRS audit of Anderson Network’s tax return as a result of implementing and documenting a reliable and accurate accounting system.
  • He also saved Anderson Network over $300,000 annually through the implementation of a performance based recruiting and hiring system that first attracted candidates to the company vision.
  • Putting everything together, he has developed expertise in leadership, management, systems innovation, and the conceptualization and implementation of high impact solutions.
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