Kevin Ford

CrowdFunding and Business Consultant

Business Consultant‚ Equipment Finance Advisor

Kevin is a nationally recognized Business Adviser and Executive Coach to business owners, their management team and investors. He has a personal affinity for start-ups. His expertise is in providing leadership and guidance in growing value, revenue, identifying and addressing critical issues and opportunities, effective management practices, risk management and in particular developing executive talent. It is Kevin’s experience that the development of the organization’s talent, more than any other factor, is the leading indicator of the success of any venture. Regardless of the concept envisioned or the potential disruptive technology involved success and profitability shall not be achieved without the nurturing and development of the true key resource; talent, the human factor. Development of the human factor is Kevin’s passion.

Mr. Ford has held executive leadership positions for more than thirty years. He has created, owned and led several businesses. For twenty two years he was Senior Partner at a leading national consulting firm, Risk Consulting Group, which specialized in risk management, business transformation, executive development, problem solving and growth. His focus has always been on results; business and personal, hiring and developing the right talent, accountability and work-life balance. Kevin was a Regional Diplomat of the American Management Association where he created and led executive development trainings. He also presented professional trainings to numerous trade and industry associations. Mr. Ford’s clientele has included all key sectors and has ranged from Fortune 300 firms, merging acquired businesses and start up enterprises. Mr. Ford is the Managing Principal at Strategy Design Group as well as CEO Chair Advisor in Orange County, California for Vistage International, the World’s leading Business and CEO Peer Advisory Board firm. Vistage Peer Advisory Boards consist of members who have substantial business knowledge and experience honed by years of successful leadership. As Chair Mr. Ford facilitates these Boards in building a platform of trust and openness through which process executives and business owners support fellow Board members in making significantly improved decisions and achieving higher levels of performance.

A recent Dun & Bradstreet national survey determined that Peer Advisory Board member companies grew more than three times the national average. Mr. Ford selects Board members representing companies from non-competing industries to form his Boards. The quality of leader involved and their passion for growth, far more than size of current revenue, is the key ingredient for inclusion into his Peer Advisory Groups. Peer Advisory Board members represent businesses whose revenue ranges from start up to $300,000,000.00. Kevin has identified that these Boards have a particularly superb track record in guiding newly created ventures to a successful launch and growth in their early enterprise growth cycle. Mr. Ford holds an MBS degree from Rutgers University Graduate school of Business, a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and a Master’s degree in Theology from Peace Theological Seminary.

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