Sallar Khorramshahi ( Sam Khorram )

Social Media Expert

Social Media Expert‚
Digital Marketing Expert


Sallar was born and raised in Orange County‚ California. A coder at his roots, Sallar got his start designing website at the young age of 8. In 2009‚ he was introduced to Google Apps (recently renamed G Suite) and became partners with a Google App Reselling company. In 2012, Sallar entered into the crowdfunding space and quickly became an industry thought leader and expert. As CBO of CrowdFundingPlanning Sallar has advanced company interests and expanded growth. Specializing in Website Development‚ Search Engine Optimization‚ Video Optimization‚ Graphics Design‚ and Online Marketing for aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, SMBs, and large companies. Also experienced in Social Media strategy and campaign implementation. Through his methods and strategies he has helped countless entrepreneurs, inventors, and the like to reach and surpass their goals and aspirations.

Websites Contributed to:


  • Social Media Building and Engagement
  • Campaign Management
  • Product Photography
  • Cloud Technology Implementer
  • Website Development Enthusiast

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