Steve Gutierrez

CrowdFunding Manufacturing and Technology Specialist

Business Process Adviser & Principal CrowdFunding Consultant

Steve Gutierrez is a seasoned and nationally accomplished Business Executive, Manager, and Insightful Adviser. The most recent 10 years have been dedicated to an Entrepreneurial and Business Startup focus, from direct hands on launch thru leveraging Emerging Technologies to identify, capture and motivate the CROWD in the Digital Marketplace. Having his professional endeavors launch, while completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Southern California School of Business, he was selected by IBM to represent USC in the Co-operative Education Program. He excelled within this challenging environment, during the explosion of the Information Technology Industry, expanding his business acumen from the technical ranks through corporate sales, sales management and enablement.

As the “Information Age” grew out from behind the “glass window and locked doors” of the Computer Center, his business development, technology and management skills expanded into the fast growing Telecommunications Industry. In nationally focused capacities, building strategic relationships with the MCS practices of the “Big 8” (now 4) on behalf of General Electric Information Systems Co (GEISCO).  Later, with AT&T Information Systems Group, and in partnership with EDS (Electronic Data Systems), he spearheading the delivery of Network Intensive Client/Server technologies, now used in almost every part of business, education and our personal daily compute needs. In parallel to these advancing business efforts with Fortune 500 clients, he participated in Executive Management Programs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School. This AT&T sponsored program, focused on the uses of Information Technology as a Strategic Weapon and the Leveraging of Technology Resources to ensure the Advancement of the Business Process through Change Management.

These credentials, along with several Management and Strategic Director assignments, with Tandem Computers, part of HP and Informix Software, now merged with IBM, have developed a cumulative cornerstone of honed skills, Insight and perspective, providing valued Business Process Understanding, Consultation & Governance Management to Business Leaders across North America.  From relationships with the Small Regional to the Large GLobal Enterprise, he brings an uncanny savvy and competent ability to convert the “Complexities of Technology, into the Language of Business”.

Turning to the dynamic challenges of today’s Domestic and Global Economic “Environment of Challenge”, he has applied his deep and wide reservoir of insight and knowledge, to building, supporting and enhancing, the “Engines of Innovation”.   Driving both destructive and transformational procedures, process and methodologies of consistently thinking “Outside the Box”, into the resolution of a number of today’s impediments and challenges to the ”Business Engine”.

One of the biggest impediments for today’s “Business Engine”, is the slow down and near complete stoppage of Commercial Bank based Business Leading.  Since the beginning of this recessionary and long lasting economic slowdown from 2008, the Business Capital formation environment for new and established business lending and startup venture funding opportunities, has slowed to a mere trickle.  The casualties of this capital funding paralysis and slow starvation of Innovation engine, have been stagnation of the small business and startup entrepreneur throughout the North American Economy and beyond. Economic and Business growth has been forecast as a very slow, near anemic recovery for several years out, further restricting the lending and traditional venture funding environment for the innovator  Under the heavy load of restrictive cautious underwriting processes and the regulatory paralysis of the Capital formation market, there just in not room for StarUp, Venture or even Business Expansion lending.

For several years there has been a growing momentum that, an alternative to traditional Capital funding methods, be developed and set into law. This effort has has been studied, analysed, modified, contributed to and finally became a reality in the recently passed JOBS Act of 2012. The Bill, HR3606, has exempted several old heavily restrictive laws from the 1930’s, and established a new capital formation environment, Equity based Crowdfunding.  Differing significanlty from the current implementation, Donation based CrowdFunding, this legislation will create a challenging, yet idea based innovative funding environment for the Entrepreneuer and the investor meet to drive the Engine of innovation, in an exchange of ideas and resources, for a “share-like” interest in the idea, the business and the market opportunity.

We are used to the prosperity and high demand employment days of years gone by, when the marketplace was filled with the Power of Innovation and the limitless drive of the savvy Entrepreneur.  These listed and outlined characteristics, ( part of Steve's DNA) have always been a focal point of his business efforts and personal drive.  His professional perspective underscores this value based persona, “ apply my skills, abilities and human energies that I have been blessed with, to creatively, effectively and successfully enhance each and every opportunity placed before me,.... to continue to refine and develop new skills, abilities and values, that always leave the opportunity and those involved, with a positive perspective of my participation and contributions, so that they may have the opportunity to pass these lessons to others along the way"...

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