Steve Nolan

Marketing and PR

Marketing, Design, Branding and Mobile & Web-based Development

Binary Ventures is the third software company I’ve founded. Thanks to my co-founder Christy Harner, I was finally able to build the software company that I’ve always envisioned. Its the perfect blend of our collective passions: creativity, technology and people. We’ve perfected outsourcing by selecting only best of breed development teams in four different continents, and seven different cities and time zones. 

Our hybrid model relies on our experienced team of onshore product managers to mitigate the risks, communication, and cultural barriers typically associated with offshore development. With over fifteen years of experience in the application development space, I can say there is no better feeling than helping an entrepreneur realize their dreams by successfully launching their product or enabling a Fortune 500 company to reinvent themselves, gain efficiencies or mobilize their workforce by leveraging technology. Let us help you create, launch and grow your business.

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